Septic Tank Pumping 101 | An Inexperienced Homeowner's Guide To Service

Posted on: 9 July 2015

You may know that you have a septic tank somewhere beneath the ground of your property, but of you are like a lot of people, that is the only information you know about your own septic tank. The fact is, when a component is hidden out of sight and out of your home, you will probably not spend a great deal of time thinking about it until something goes wrong. If there is one thing that can go wrong with a septic tank, it is getting full and needing to be pumped by a professional septic pump out service. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions from homeowners who have little experience with septic tank pumping.  

How much does it cost to have the septic tank drained?

The price of septic tank pumping can range from as little as $75 to more than $350 if you have a larger tank or live in certain areas. Additionally, some companies take additional steps to clear the tank, such as blasting air through the drainage line to remove debris or pulling waste from the inner walls, which may come at an additional cost. 

Will you have to dig the septic tank up yourself?

When you call to have your septic tank pumped, you are typically not expected to uncover the tank on your own before the professional arrives. However, in some cases, a technician may offer you a lower rate if they can just plug in and start removing waste when they get to your property. Therefore, it is always a good idea to ask. 

What if you do not know where the septic tank is actually situated?

If you feel a little embarrassed by the fact that you have lived in the home for a long time and haven't a clue as to where the septic tank is hiding, don't fret over it because this is actually pretty common. If you are unsure of where your tank is located, the professional technician that comes to pump it can usually track it down pretty easily by looking for key features, such as a ventilation pipe. 

Even though your septic tank is kept out of sight until something goes wrong, make sure you do not put it out of mind. It is a good idea to have your septic tank pumped at least once every three years. If you have additional questions about pumping your septic tank, talk to a contractor (such as one from Southwest Environmental) for more information.