4 Considerations When Renting A Dumpster For Your Next Project

Posted on: 11 May 2016

Are you embarking on a major renovation? If so, you should consider renting a dumpster to keep all of your debris contained rather than traveling to a landfill multiple times. There are a variety of things you need to consider before signing an agreement with a dumpster rental company so that you can get the best deal.

Get The Correct Size

When you are planning to rent a dumpster, one of the first things you need to consider is the size. The size will depend on how large of a project you are working one. A major building renovation will require a large dumpster while smaller units are best for one or two room projects. Knowing the size of your renovation project can save you a lot of money on a dumpster rental. There is no sense in paying for a large dumpster that you will not fill completely.

Check Weight Limits

Rental dumpsters will have a limit as to how much they can hold. The dumpster rental company will weigh your full dumpster once it leaves your project, so you must stay within the limit. If the weight goes over, it is possible that you will be charged an extra fee. Your extra fee will be calculated based on each additional ton of waste that goes above the required limit. This fee can be very large if you have not calculated the weight limit carefully.

Pay Attention to the Timeframe

Another thing to consider is the amount of time you will need the dumpster. You will have to specify how long you will need the dumpster when you are signing the contract. It may be possible to extend the time on your contract, but you will need to contact the rental company as soon as possible. If you keep the dumpster for longer than what is stated on your contract, you will be charged an extra fee for each additional day that it remains in your possession.

Pay Attention to the Fine Print

You must also pay close attention to the fine print in your contract. It will contain information about any additional fees in addition to late fees or weight limit fees. You may have to pay for delivery and set up as well as a penalty if you place any prohibited items in the dumpster. Your contract should include a list of prohibited items. This can include old refrigerators, air conditioners, paint, tires, or anything flammable.

Renting a dumpster can be extremely useful for your next building project, but you need to make sure you are aware of all the associated costs with it. For more information, contact companies like Western Disposal.